8 Tips For Lead Management and Lead Generation

Created: Jan 14, 2016

Updated: June 19, 2024

A business needs leads to generate revenue same as your lungs need oxygen to breathe. Making leads in business is same as any other thing we do our daily lives. Every aspect of our life resembles the leads we make to set things right, from convincing your dad to lend you 20 dollars, to successfully asking out someone you care about. Without leads, not you or any business can thrive and that’s why it’s important to learn manage them.

The idea is simple, to be successful you have to achieve more. By incorporating the knowledge of managing these leads in a structured and systematic pattern, you can help your business reach it mark. Businesses normally use a three stage policy for processing leads which are: Marketing nurtures leads, inside sales qualifies the leads, and transforms them into opportunities, and sales works the opportunity. You can easily put this formula into your business to facilitate lead generation and conversion right now.

To see it from the perspective of an online business owner, let’s see how an organized business can successfully conduct lead management to profit and prosper with the help of these 8 tips. If you are looking forward to outsource Lead Management then GO-Globe can help to manage your lead successfully.

Set a Standard Lead

If you have observed a marksman loose an arrow while hunting a bird in flight, you might as well have seen the time and distance the shooter calculates to ensure the projectile meets the target. In a similar spectrum, you are the marksmen achieving your target through successfully capturing leads. In order to make this practice perfect you must make an ideal persona of the trending customer. You must learn their interests and problems, what makes them tick and how much time they spend on the internet doing what. By coining this data you will determine the behavioral traits of the average online consumer and finally deduce a strategy with the help of your marketing team to capture the leads.

Make the Best from Targeted Content

To cover broader audiences, expose your brand and educate prospects, it is imperative that you use targeted content. According to a survey, companies that use blogging to penetrate in the audience generate 67% more leads compared to those who ignore it. Publishing targeted content through blogs showcases your leadership in the industry that influences the buying decision of the average consumer. To increase your productivity through content, you can always segment your audience and serve targeted articles and blogs with clear call to actions.

Unite your Marketing and Sales Teams

These are the yin and yang of your business. Without their synergy, there will be absolute chaos. To make sure your marketing and sales teams are fully aware of the rules to successfully take out a lead, it is important that you establish a central database pool were the two can capitalize. This database will provide more exposure and insight on customers so the team members can synchronize and remain on the same page throughout the lead generation process. It will not only sustain a consistent lead response time but also allow your resources to work as one unit.

Gather Your Intelligence

Use landing pages and forms for securing information is an effective profiling approach to maintain high conversion rates. Pick out relevant pages with events so that when they are visited you can update lead profiles in the middle of the buying process. Use business data sites such as LinkedIn, Data.com and Hoovers etc to double tap on potential leads and train their profiles.

Supervise the Journey

This is no doubt the most ignored and disregarded aspect of lead management. You must understand that the nurture journey is always asking for patience and patience you must give. Being a critical factor for building relationships with prospects and saving the lower quality leads for future uses, the nurture process must not be misled into a casual drill. You should only transfer leads to the sales team when the lead-score threshold has been met without any hindrance. If the lead fails to reach this milestone then it is not eligible as the perfect lead and must remain in the nurture process.

Enhance Marketing through Automation

When you get into the swing of things and realize it’s time to take things to another level, your lead generation process will now be in urgent need for a catalyst. This is when you integrate automation software to your business for manage those leads that are leaking from your pipes. This will not only upscale your business, but also save you from the unbearable trouble of reconnecting a broken process while managing a lead. Automation programs take on the time consuming tasks you normally would sweat on, while giving you the time and opportunity to make smarter decisions and spread your marketing activities on newer grounds. To make the best out your lead flow, it is recommended that you invest in automation software.

Sift your Data until Clean

Using false data is same as feeding on tainted meat. This never works out for any company and can cost you dearly in the long haul. This can lead to prospect erosion, damage to the reputation of the organization, shrunk conversion and low quality leads. Make sure the flow of data is clean and not muddied with incorrect information or sketchy strategies to produce invalid response. Keeping you data clean will not only help you manage your leads in a safe and professional manner, but also establish long term ties with your customers to secure future leads.

Read the Customer

This tip involves the most crucial aspect of the lead management process, “being the judge of yourself”. Even if you close a lead successfully or lose one in the middle, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are done. Learn from your success to perform better and improve from your mistakes by making a more airtight strategy. To analyze what caused the happening, you must first observe what lead to the customer’s decision. What were the reservation of the customer about the product? Which feature played an important role in closing the deal? How many times are you obligated to contact the customer and answer the queries? All these factors are vitally responsible for the health of your leads and should never be sidelined at any instance of the process.

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