5 Big NOTS For Small Business Web Designs

Created: Jul 16, 2015

Updated: June 30, 2024

Small businesses are revenue restricted, but quite adaptable with marketing. The smaller the business the lesser the risk, hence fancy maneuvers are the fun part of owning a small trade. It is true traffic comes to such eCommerce stores for very limited reasons and turning them away could mean strangling yourself from your ceiling fan.

Keeping them engaged till they make a purchase is imperative for young businesses and answering their queries while providing them the kind of counseling their ears love.

Putting the first brick of the building diagonally will not only diminish its market once it finishes but will eventually cause it to collapse. Similarly, if your website is designed all faulty you will start with losing customers and then your entire business. Make a graceful and reliable website from the start, even when the budget is tight. Better safe than sorry.

Here are a few common mistakes that small businesses owners are susceptible to making:

  1. Understand your audience

Never display your merchandise unless the consumer is at least willing to steal a look. Most small-time businesses forget that and initiate the sequence without confronting the market demand.

Designing a website for a small business could mean more than you can imagine. If the audience demographics support teenage consumers then make sure the font size is stylish and appealing. Also integrate mobile compatibility with your website because it will be visited on mobile devices in schools, colleges, and universities. The elderly audience would most definitely require larger fonts with adequate white spacing.

A perfect balance of white spacing can be seen in the web design of Fme Magento Extensions.

If you get this right you won’t need to find users anymore because users will find you.

  1. Never spend too much on design

Adding too much sugar will not always sweeten things out, it will also leave the beverage undrinkable. To a similar scenario, too much flashy design would render the website unmarketable and lose its edge on the internet.

An attractive design is vital for a website to radiate its allure towards the traffic but too much radiation will be bad for the source itself to function. Be careful on the note, design less but enough to let them find the product from your homepage.

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It takes less than three seconds for a visitor to change his mind and abandon the website. If the visitor does not get the feel from the homepage why in his right senses would he proceed to the product page? The website design should be modest as well as elegant.

Besides, a brassy website that lacks direction will always look bad on smaller screens where you lose all your mobile device visitors.

  1. Get your message through

Most eCommerce websites fail to convey to the consumer what they are selling, but when they manage to compose it somehow, it is as bland as tofu!

Your website must abide by the rules of common sense. If your website asks the consumers to “subscribe”, “contact us” or read just a “new offer”, you need to direct them as well with proper steps.  A survey showed that many potential customers would abandon a page if it lacked stepwise guidance.

  1. Don’t punch above weight

Sometimes small businesses start off too hard for their league and defeat the very purpose of their existence. A small business can support a small audience and getting the audience to expand would require injecting investments in the system.

You must quite well be aware that spending above budget cannot be possible for ROI manifested enterprises. To make your website stand out from its competitors you don’t have to accessorize it, but focus on getting the desired outcome out of it. In the race for better designing you must never compensate purpose.

  1. Keep yourself connected to the website

This is probably the most thoughtless damage a small business can inflict to itself. It simply twists the entire fabric of online representation.

Feeding the internet stale and outdated courses of web pages is the most hateful thing to do for a small business. You need the visitors to keep visiting, not disgust them with half-decade old content.

You need to keep the visitors well informed and absorbed if you want them to like your product. Annihilating their appetite for fresh content will not help to do so. Introduce new out of the box designs and captions for blogs. Upload fresh content with catchy articles to ensnare the attention of the reader.

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